19th February 2020

Dear Parents & Nippers


Message from your Nipper Officer – Allie Absalom

“We are counting down the days. Our nippers will always have a special place in my heart. I see them all looking upward to greater things. Dreamers they are!!
They know that if you want to see if you can really swim, then you should not frustrate yourself with shallow water!
Believe in their brave capabilities and allow them to fly!!

Always remember: any problem we are facing is an opportunity to do our best and come out more united than ever before.” – Allie Absalom

2019/2020 Nipper Captains

A huge thank you to Timothy Murray, Matthew Brading, Heath Clarke, Kaedyn Hansen, Roman Colonnello, Babette van Rooyen and Maja Alexander for submitting their captaincy motivational letters. The panel of coaches reviewed all their wonderful and inspirational letters. Well done to all of them.

Congratulations to the newly elected Nipper Captains: Roman Colonnello and Maja Alexander, as well as their vice-captains: Mathew Brading and Babette van Rooyen.

In other news

Our nippers are making waves all over the place.
Congratulations to Heath Clarke for being selected for Western Province Body Boarding, and to Georgia Singe and Joelle Buys for progressing to the Western Province Athletics Trials.
Good luck to you all for the next steps of your competitions.

Senior and Juniors Western Province Champs

Good luck to all our FHSLC Juniors and Seniors taking part in the
Western Province Championships this coming weekend.
The Nippers, Micro’s and Starfish are all rooting for you!

Flags with Alistair

For all those who would like some extra flags training, Flags with Alistair is taking place at Clovelley Beach every Saturday from 4pm – 5pm. This is an extra training session run outside of Fishhoek Surf Lifesaving Club. The cost per training session is R50 per child.
If you would like to attend, please contact Alistair on 084-853-0767 or just arrive for training on Saturday

Seadog Paddle Series

For those who are wanting a little extra competitive practice on the Malibus, why don’t you join the Seadogs Paddle series. There are only 3 left in this series. They happen on Friday night between 6pm and 7pm. The entry is R30 per race for either running or Malibu. Registration takes place from 4:30 and prizegiving follows after 7pm.

New additions to FHSLC
We are very excited to show off our new addition at Western Province Champs. We will be easy to find under our new branded gazebos!

Upcoming Events:

  • Western Province Champs – This will take place on Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March at Hout Bay. Entries close on 27th February. Entries are open via the Management System. More information will be sent out about this in the next week.

  • SA Champs briefing and campout – 14th March: We’re going bigger and better this year with our briefing and kit handout for SA Champs. Come and camp with your family for the night at Imhoffs and enjoy a final fun training session, boerie rolls and lots of fun as we celebrate the hard work that has gone into this season.
    This event is for all nippers competing at SA Champs.
    R80 per person per night or R20 per day visitor.
    Boerie Rolls will be provided for on Saturday lunch, outside of this please cater for yourself. Braai drums and wood will be provided.
    Please note that parents are responsible for the care for their own children during the duration of this event.
    Please RSVP to this event via the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1052927655076200/
  • SA Champs – This is the culmination of all the hard work the Nippers have put in over the season. This year the SA Champs will take place at Kings Beach, Port Elizabeth from the 18th -21st March. Entries close on 20th February. Entries are open via the Management System. More information will be sent out about this in the next week.


As we head towards the final competitions of the season, training becomes more and more important. Please note the following times for training for the remainder of the season:
• Sunday beach training: 10:30 – 12:30 – All age-groups, all nippers (Micro and Starfish 10:30-11:30)
• Tuesday beach training: 17:30 – 18:30 – All age-groups, all nippers
• Wednesday Pool training: 17:00 – 18:00 – All age-groups, all nippers
• Thursday beach training: 17:30 – 18:30 – All age-groups, qualified nippers only

Hot Chocolate

We would really appreciate it if everyone who attends Tuesday and Thursday training could please donate at least 1 x 500g container of hot chocolate and 2L of long life milk. If you know of any organisation/retailer/wholesaler who can donate towards this, that would also be fantastic. Our nippers really love their hot choc when they come out the water on a cold evening! Thank you.
If any parents are able to assist with the serving of hot chocolate, please contact Katya at the club on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

Micros and Starfish

Our MicroNipper and Starfish groups are growing in numbers, and confidence, with every training session. In order to keep the training at the level that Fishhoek prides itself on, and to keep the safety as top priority, we need to get some more parents involved. If you would like to become more involved in helping these little ones, whether it be as a coach or as an assistant, please contact the Micro and Starfish Manager, Lauren Hudson, on 082-375-1666.

Notice for U8 Micros Next year when you move up to U9, you will need to be able to swim 12 lengths of a 25m pool in under 8 minutes, before you can take your exam and enter competitions. Please start working towards this now! Many of our U9s have been disappointed to not qualify to take the nipper exam yet, as they couldn’t complete their swim time. If you start extra swimming lessons and start working on this now, it will be much easier for you next November. To all the moms and dads who would like to get more involved with the Fishhoek Nipper family, please get in touch to find out how. We would love to have you join us. Because as they say, “Show me a successful Nipper and I’ll show you a dedicated parent”!

Very important safety notice!!!

Parents please note that Nippers is not a drop and go activity. Safety is a huge concern of ours, and we need you to be watching your child while he or she is in the sea. We also need to know where you are in case we need you.

Here are the rules re leaving your child at the beach:

  • Starfish & Micros: You need to stay with your child for the whole session, and either watch or get involved with the training session.
  • Unqualified nippers: If your nipper has not completed their pool test and passed the nipper exam, they are not considered safe on the beach at all. You need to stay with your child and either watch or get involved with the training session.
  • Qualified nippers: Your child is considered safe on the beach, so you may designate another adult to be responsible for him/her during training. However, your child needs to know exactly who is watching them and where they are in case we need them.
  • U9/u10’s: All u9’s and u10’s are to wear their pink vest to training.

See you on the beach!
The Fishhoek Nipper Team

Dates to Diarize
· Sunday 16th February: Comp #3 hosted by Strand Surf @ Strand
· Saturday 29th February: Western Province Champs – Day 1 @ Hout Bay
· Sunday 1st March: Western Province Champs – Day 2 @ Hout Bay
· SA Champs – 19 March – 21 March @ Kings Beach, Port Elizabeth

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