Rules of Our Club House

  • Do not enter the clubhouse when wet.
  • Do not spend too much time in the shower. This uses all the hot water and is wasteful.
  • Use the outside showers to rinse off wetsuits.
  • Wetsuits are definitely not allowed in the shower.
  • Take pride in your clubhouse and its surrounds. Do not litter or damage anything.
  • The pool table may not be used by Nippers except senior under 14’s , but only when invited to do so by a Junior or Senior club member.
  • No dogs allowed, even small ones!

Craft Rules

  • No craft may be used by any person who is not a member of the club.
  • Only your age group equipment may be used.
  • Do not drag boards on the beach – they wear out.
  • Remove bungs when malibus are out of the water .
  • Do not stand on malibus-they are not surfboards!
  • During training keep malibus, body boards, etc. together above high water mark when not in use.
  • Wash and put away all craft after use. Do not leave them on the beach or paved area.
  • Ask a friend or parent to help carry and pack away malibus.
  • Pack all craft away after training before free time.
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