Competitions are designed to help lifeguards keep fit and to hone their response times and rescue techniques. All Competitors wanting to compete in Lifesaving Competitions must be qualified with the appropriate Lifeguard Awards and must have their annual retest. In addition, they must fulfill their voluntary duty requirements for the season.

Lifeguards can compete in 3 different age groups. These age groups are determined by your age on 1st October of each year.

  • Juniors: Under 15, Under 17, Under 19
  • Seniors: 19 and over
  • Masters: 30 and over

Team Selections

Team selections are based on the upcoming competition and take into account strengths, capabilites and the competition programme – the best team for that specific event.

Selections are done by the Club Captain, and one or two of the more senior members.

Lifeguard Duties


  • Saturdays from 13:45-18:10
  • Sundays/Public Holidays 09:45 – 18:10

AWOL (Absent w.o. leave): You will be regarded as AWOL if you are absent without arranging a sub. If your sub fails to turn up or if you leave early without permission.

KIT: Only approved duty kit may be worn whilst on duty.




Masters who have obtained the QC (Qualifying Certificate) may enter Masters Beach events only.

Masters age groups are as follows:

  • 30-34 yrs
  • 35-39 yrs
  • 40-44 yrs
  • 45-49 yrs
  • 50-54 yrs
  • 55-59 yrs
  • 60-64 yrs
  • 65 yrs and older.

Masters Team Events

  • Masters Team events in Board relay, Ski relay, Taplin and beach relay are made up of 3 competitiors in the following age categories: 110 yrs and plus, 130 yrs and plus, 150 yrs and plus, 170 yrs and plus and 200 yrs and plus.
  • Team Events for board rescue, double ski and mixed double ski-the age category is determined by the age of the youngest competitor.
  • Team