Becoming a Lifeguard comes with great responsibility and requires skill, discipline, high fitness levels and compassion.

Before you can become lifeguard you are required to first complete the Lifeguard Award (LA) course and then pass the LA Examination.

The Lifeguard Course offers comprehensive training to prepare you for the demanding LA Examination requirements.

Training takes place on Sundays from 09h00 for an hour or two and then possibly 1 or 2 evenings during the week depending on yours and the Instructors availability. The duration of the course is between 6 and 8 weeks. Please contact us for details on upcoming courses.

At the end of the course you will be required to complete a 200m beach run – 300m sea swim – 200m beach run in under 10 minutes. You will also have a solid understanding of the following:

  • Emergency first aid and CPR techniques
  • Communication signals
  • Rescue craft use
  • Spinal board use
  • One man drag and rescue techniques
  • Boxline and two man carry
  • Surf awareness and identification of rips
  • Self-defence techniques
  • Knots
  • Radio procedures
  • General awareness
  • Responsibilities of a lifeguard

The Awards

Junior Lifeguard Award (14-16 years) (JLA) enables you to perform full lifeguard duties under supervision, while the Junior Qualifying Certificate (JQC) will enable you to perform first aid and lifeguard duty, but not water rescues. With a JQC you will also not be able to compete.

Entrance requirements: Must be at least 14 years old on the day of the examination Must be able to complete a 400m pool swim in under 9 minutes Lifeguard Award (16 years and older)

The Lifeguard Award (LA) for senior lifeguards will enable you to work as a professional lifeguard. You will be required to complete an annual retest. The Qualifying Certificate (QC) enables you to perform volunteer lifeguard duties under supervision as well as first aid, but not perform water rescues or compete.

Entrance Requirements: Must be at least 16 years old on the day of examination Must be able to complete a 400m pool swim in under 8 minutes

How to join

If you are interested becoming a lifeguard and joining our lifeguard course, come on down on a Sundays and introduce yourself or follow the link below to get more information.

For assistance with registration, contact


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